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Monday Morning Prayer via Zoom

All are welcome to share our prayers at 9.30 am online on ZOOM.

Meeting ID: 843 8871 3982      Passcode 257425

Bible study for all

Friendly informal discussions, with no prior knowledge needed each month at St Barnabas 

You can just turn up, but if you have questions call 07942 343370


Are you anxious about family, friends, or yourself, and do not know where to turn? Are you, or someone you know, in a crisis and unable to pray?

There are people willing to pray for you because prayer does make a positive difference.


Simply email and your prayer request will be passed along the Prayerline.


All prayer requests are completely confidential so only the people on the Prayerline will know about your needs and they will never discuss it with anyone. 


If you would like prayers for a relative or friend and you want to name them you will need to ask their permission first but we don't need someone's name to pray for them.  


Please use us - we'd love to help you.

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