Mission,Fairtrade and Eco Church:

Helping those in need is a demonstration of our faith. Charitable donations are made every year to local, national and international charities, and in addition, there are special events which provide collections for the Children's Society, Christian Aid, the Earl Haig Fund and the Salvation Army. We support charitable aid to help refugees and the homeless.

Eco- Church

Our aim is to raise awareness about our responsibility for the future of our world, and we working towards making our activities both as a church and as individuals more ecologically aware and environmentally friendly. We promote the work of organisations such as Fairtrade, which is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. We also link to the Eco-Church movement coordinated by the A Rocha network.

What's a Carbon Footprint, and why should I calculate mine?

Many of our daily activities - such as using electricity, driving a car, or disposing of waste - cause  greenhouse gas emissions.   These emissions make up a household's carbon footprint. The calculator estimates your footprint in areas like: home energy, transportation and waste.

Reducing these emissions by changing our lifestyle habits will help our environment because rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions are a known cause of global warming.

Carbon footprint calculators like the ones you can link to from this webpage, give a rough and ready estimate to help highlight the areas in our daily lives where we can make changes that will help us do our part to protect the amazing world we live in.


it's really easy to take the survey designed by the World Wildlife Fund  and doesn't take long:

There is also this one from A Rocha:

Raising Awareness

We have published in the village Community Magazine a series of articles by Jo Kidd, and add to these regularly. You can click on items in the list below to bring up the PDF file: