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As we gradually open our churches again, there are services in the churches, and we are taking particular care to safeguard visitors from harm, including a request that we all wear masks when moving around or singing.

Other measures include:

Hand sanitisers will be used in church, on entry and during communion. 

Social distancing is no longer in place but please be aware of people who would prefer to sit alone.
Ventilation - all doors will be open all through the service for good ventilation
Singing is now allowed but please wear a mask; we will have a few short hymns.
Hymn books, Bibles and service sheets We will be using these but please return your books 
to the book shelf/case at the end of the service.
The Peace Please don’t leave your place and don’t touch anyone not in your bubble .
Offertory No collection taken during the service, donations left on the plate either on arrival or departure.
Holy Communion No wine at the moment, the bread will be distributed at the communion rail, please stand.
Refreshments Refreshments may now be served after the service 
Bell ringing
Ringing is allowed but the length of time will be limited and ringing chamber well ventilated.
Everything will be reviewed regularly and amended as necessary. 

If your loved one has died and you weren’t able to have the funeral you wanted perhaps you are now thinking of a memorial service.  Please contact us before you spend a lot of money with a big company.  One well known national company is offering a memorial service for £700 plus venue hire, catering etc.  A church memorial service is a fraction of that cost, please be careful.  

Safeguarding Policy Statement

The parochial church councils of Boughton-under Blean with Dunkirk, Hernhill and Graveney with Goodnestone have adopted the safeguarding policies and procedures of the Church of England.  In particular we are committed to:


  • the safeguarding of all children, young people and vulnerable adults


  • carefully selecting and training paid and voluntary staff who might come into contact with children or vulnerable adults, using the Disclosure and Barring Service amongst other tools, to check their suitability


  • responding without delay to every complaint made which suggests that an adult, child or young person may have been harmed


  • cooperating fully with the police, local authority and any other appropriate statutory body in any investigation


  • ministering appropriately to anyone, child or adult, who has experienced abuse

  • extending pastoral care to those known to have offended against children or vulnerable adults whilst ensuring that children and vulnerable adults are protected from them

We have appointed:        


Kate Hawkins       Tel:  01227 752929 or  0773 931 8201

as Safeguarding Coordinator for children


Janet Turner         Tel:  01795 534999   

as Safeguarding Coordinator for adults


The Parish Safeguarding Coordinators are available to speak with adults or children.


Any child wishing to talk about a problem can contact Childline on 0800 1111

Any parent or carer wishing to talk about parenting problems can contact Family Lives on 0808 800 2222

Diocese of Canterbury Safeguarding -

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